Travis Poker Timer is a great looking FREE tournament poker timer for Windows and Mac OS X with the emphasis on ease of use.

It is loaded with features that have been requested over it's 6 year development. You can make use of all the great free features with no time limits, but by registering the timer you also get access to Travis Poker Director.

Travis Poker Director is a poker league management system that integrates directly with the poker timer. It allows you to track the results of your players across multiple games in your tournament, and store all of the information online. You can manage seating arrangements and prize pools for the players in your game, and upload the game results directly to the league table as it finishes. Click here to see a live demo
  • Setup and manage your game in a single, simple menu.
  • Displays round time, blinds, antes, players remaining and chip averages.
  • Use multiple, pre-determined blind structures or specify and save your own.
  • Add timed breaks.
  • Calculate prize money based on percentage of the pot.
  • Save your commonly used input values for future use.
  • Fully customizable with your own sounds and background image.


This minor version update fixes a few bugs and implements some feature requests
  • Return to menus once game is in progress. You asked for this to be reinstated, so it has been!
  • Font issue with latest OSX now fixed
  • All large numerical values now abbreviated for easier legibility


Travis Poker Timer offers more features than any other poker timer software available. Unlike our competitors, we also guarantee:
  • No banner ads
  • No compulsory sign-up
  • No additional software to install
  • No spyware
  • No limits on free use
  • Free upgrades to all future versions


Track players during game

It's now easy to track the position players are eliminated in and how much they re-buy whilst the game is still in progress

One minute warning

Timer now plays an audible "One minute remaining" sound clip

Tabbed navigation

All menu screens are now neatly arranged into tabs, to allow maximum screen area for displaying information

Up to 100 players in a game

The number of players the timer can track has risen to 100 per game

Improved prize calculator

Prize pool can be calculated by percentage or cash amount. All values are dynamically updated

Interactive clock

The clock shows how far through the round you are, and allows you to skip ahead / back to any time



"I think this software is great and I love the pricing. Thank you for sharing this."
--Adam Chappell

"I just want to thank you for putting out a GREAT product! I've been hosting/directing tournaments for 10 years and this is the BEST looking software out there. I love the fact that the website functions along with the software. Keep up the good work!!!"
--Marc Reposa

"Keep up the great work with the Poker Timer - simply the best poker software I have used for our tournaments"
--P Borthwick

"Thanks for making a great poker timer"
--Jeremy S

"I bought your software about 5 months ago and can't say enough good things about it"
--Luke Gordon

"Awesome product!"
--Simon S

"The layout looks great and the online access to manage tournaments is very nice."
--Chris Fontanilla

"Thanks again for designing such a great piece of software."
--Stephen J. Morrison